The living room is that parts of your house where you spend most of the time by relaxing, conversing with your family and friends, watch television and many other similar activities. It is a place where you can get your guests seated, enjoy and entertain each other. You could do up little experiments with designing this area in modern concepts.

The living rooms will look stunning with sleek sofas placed beside the towering windows. You could get an amazing view of the outside world, where the roof opens up in the sky. The floor could have shifted in the color. The living room which has plain, white surroundings could have a beige sofa. This will get your space a classic look.

You could also avail the French style for your living room as it consists of eclectic design. It looks familiar but is integrated with a pretty and springy color story. A beautiful painting put up on the white wall gives an added feature of this room.

Your modern living area could be turned into a testament which is of mid-century design, with the use of wood and concrete. Apply these superior features to make your living room look lively.