Sometimes our apartment becomes so boring that we can’t wait to start a remodel to change the interior.

If you are faced with this problem, but do not have the opportunity for a complete renovation,
we have some techniques that will help revive the interior without additional costs.

1. Organize storage

 Sometimes what irritates an interior is not the color of the walls or the worn-out upholstered furniture, but the clutter. In this case, your main task is to get rid of visual noise: remove cosmetics from the dressing table, place a kpa or a box for small items in the hallway, fold clothes in the wardrobe, arrange books on a shelf. Surprisingly, even a coffee cup forgotten on the table can spoil the whole impression of the room, so every thing in the apartment should have its place. Thus, the eye will have nothing to grasp and there will be no sense of chaos. Plus, you’ll know exactly what’s where, and you won’t spend a lot of time looking. Various boxes, organizers and wicker baskets do an excellent job of storage. If you can, put all your items in one place, like a closet or a closet. If not, sort them by room according to their purpose so you don’t lose anything.

2. Change the lighting

Many of us underestimate the role of lighting in the apartment and therefore limit ourselves to one source of central light, for example, a chandelier. Because of this, not all corners of the room are sufficiently well lit, creating a feeling of gloom and narrowness.

Proper planning of light sources will help solve the problem – there should be several of them. Lamps will help you to distract attention from imperfections in finishing or layout, hide corners and irregularities from prying eyes and, on the contrary, you will focus on interesting details.

  Here it is very important to follow the principle of functionality: good lighting is necessary where you spend a lot of time in the evening. For example, if you like to read while sitting in a chair or on the sofa before going to bed, put a floor lamp nearby. If you occasionally need to bring work home, you’ll need a high-quality desk lamp. Sconces will look great above the head of the bed, and the LED strip will be useful in the work area in the kitchen. Recreation areas should have warm lighting – this will give comfort and softness. But for workers, it is necessary to provide cold light – this allows you to concentrate better.

3: Decorate the windows beautifully

One of the brightest details in an apartment, which for some reason we often underestimate, are the windows. The coziness and comfort that reign in the room depends on how well they let in natural light. If the room is constantly dark and gloomy, think about this: maybe you hung the curtains too thick or you just don’t wash the windows enough?
So that the interior does not become boring and depressing, designers recommend changing the textiles every season. By the way, this will extend the shelf life of the curtains, because from constant exposure to the window, under direct sunlight, they quickly deteriorate.

4: Consider an accent wall

The best way to refresh your interior is with bright accents. This is especially appropriate in apartments decorated in neutral shades and textures. Designers recommend giving preference to natural colors that will add depth to the interior without irritating or causing negative emotions. Take a closer look at the shades of green, blue, blue. Sand, terracotta, coffee, etc. are also popular.

After choosing a color, think about which wall you can put an accent on. Usually this is the surface behind the sofa, the TV or at the head of the bed, but you can choose whatever you want. By the way, it is not at all necessary to paint the entire wall from floor to ceiling – be inspired by the principles of color blocking and change the shade only in certain areas. Draw stripes, rectangles, squares or more complex geometric shapes.

5: Add more houseplants

If you want to create an interior that transcends time and space, don’t forget to add more indoor plants – this is one of the most sustainable trends. They breathe life into the room, make it more comfortable and become a spectacular decorative element. Plants with large leaves in large pots, such as ficus, fit perfectly into the interior. They can be placed in a corner, next to an armchair or sofa.
It is better to choose pots in neutral colors, even if you plan to place flowers on the windowsill behind the curtain. It is important that they do not distract attention from the plants themselves and do not create visual noise.

6: Update the textile

This is the easiest way to update the interior – change the textiles in the rooms. This is a great opportunity to set accents and change the mood of the interior. It is also especially appropriate with the onset of a new season, because each season is associated with special shades and natural motifs.

For starters, you can update bath and kitchen towels, bed linen, tablecloths – these things wear out quickly and can also accumulate microbes in the fibers that are invisible to our eyes. A winning option is natural materials and simple, discreet colors, because these textiles are always in a prominent place.
You can also replace cushion covers with throw pillows, a rug in the bathroom and kitchen, and a bedspread (knitted items look great in fall and winter). Try to choose things with different textures – this will make the final picture more interesting.